Quality Engineering

Quality is of primary importance at Danville Metal.  Our Quality Engineers are long-term employees who combine to bring over 80 years of experience in the QE field alone, and over 150 years overall experience with DMS.  Most of our Quality Engineers are Certified Release Agents for General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Rolls-Royce, and Hamilton Sundstrand just to name a few.  Their training includes such areas as Statistical Process Control (SPC), FMEA, NDT, Internal Auditing, Layout Certification, APQP, RCCA, and Lean Manufacturing.

Danville Metal’s Quality Control Departments are staffed with experienced QC professionals, including six (6) GE Designated Supplier Quality Representatives (DSQR), and six (6) Pratt & Whitney Supplier Quality Representatives, along with certified Quality Representatives for Rolls-Royce, Honeywell, MTU Aero, and Williams International, to assure full compliance with our customer’s requirements.

Our Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) facilities employ three (3) Level II inspectors and one (1) full-time Level III, certified in both Radiography and FPI.  Danville Metal Stamping incorporates the latest equipment for both digital and film radiography to ensure the most accurate examination of welds possible.  We have maintained on-going certification to Nadcap standards for Radiography and Liquid Penetrant Inspection since 1994.

DM also incorporates an in-house metallographic laboratory for destructive evaluation of weld and braze joints; EDM, ECG, and Laser machining recast, together with IGA evaluation of our Chemical Processing area.  Both our lab and chemical cleaning facilities are Nadcap certified for their respective processes.

Our Inspection department utilizes three (3) Coordinate Measuring Machines (C.M.M.), which are capable of inspecting hardware characteristics to an accuracy of .00014 – .0004 depending on part size (up to 2000 mm length – see maximum capabilities below).

Inspectors are trained in performing manual (surface plate) layout, visual inspection, and standard dimensional inspection.

Gage control and calibration follow the requirements of ISO 10012.  Our Gage Inspection staff is trained to evaluate most of our standard and custom-built gages to assure accurate inspection of hardware characteristics.  Larger and more complex inspection machinery and gaging equipment is regularly monitored and maintained by certified calibration labs.

QC Capabilities

Dimensional Inspection

C.M.M. Equipment:

1. Wenzel LH 1512   Capacities:  (Z) = 1200 mm  (X) = 1500 mm  (Y) = 2000 mm  Weight = 3500 kg

2. Wenzel LH 87

3. Wenzel LH 65

4. Zeiss Faro Arm   (Max. 24”@360°)

Surface Plate Layout Area – Maximum = 72” x 96”

Rotab – Maximum Size = 48” Diameter         Maximum Weight = 450 ft/lbs.

Optical Comparator

Jones & Lambert Model FC-30         Magnification = 10x           Screen Size = 30”