Conventional Machining

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

CNC multi-axis milling and turning machinery is at the heart of our manufacturing processes. We offer 2 through 5-axis machining, allowing us the ability to hold close tolerances on a wide variety of configurations, material types, and sizes.   Our current systems will handle turning of up to 50” diameters and 34” lengths; horizontal milling of materials 39” x 31.5” x 31”; and vertical milling of 49” x 26” x 30”.

Manual Machining

Yes, we can still do things the “old-fashioned way”, and are proud of our skilled machinists.  Manual machinery at DMS can turn parts of up to 45” diameters and 40” lengths.  Cylindrical and Internal Grinding operations can handle 20” diameters and lengths of up to 18”.  Hole-drilling of up to 3” is possible.

Conventional Machining (CNC)

Turning:  Up to 50” diameter and 34” length

Horizontal Milling:  Up to 39” x 31.5” x 31”

Vertical Milling:  Up to 49” x 26” x 30” material blank

Maximum Hole Diameter (Drilled):  3”

Conventional Machining (Manual)

Turning:  Up to 45” diameter and 40” length

Grinding (Cylindrical):  Up to 20” diameter and 18” length

Grinding (Internal):  Up to 20” diameter and 18” length

Of course, these are only our current capabilities.  We are constantly looking to improve our capacities and capabilities, in order to meet our customer’s needs.