Business Ethics & Core Values

Business Ethics

At Danville Metal, we hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards. We are, of course, subject to, and compliant with, numerous laws and regulations addressing a wide variety of ethical matters, such as gratuities and kickbacks.  At the same time, we recognize that complying with the minimum standards of the applicable laws is just the beginning.  We fully recognize that merely because an action or inaction is legal (or not illegal) does not mean that action or inaction is right and, at Danville Metal, we make every attempt to do what is right for our customers, suppliers, and employees and to avoid even the slightest appearance of impropriety.

In the event one becomes aware of any unethical or otherwise inappropriate behavior by any employee or affiliate of Danville Metal, please contact our President or any other officer of the Company to report that behavior.

Core Values

Our core values at Danville Metal are to first provide our employees with a safe and engaging environment in which to perform satisfying work that not only provides earnings and benefits but leaves each employee with a sense of accomplishment as we all work together to meet the ever-increasing challenges of supplying our customers with the highest quality components at competitive prices when and as needed.