Danville Metal Stamping is an ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100 Revision D registered manufacturer and has maintained certification to the latest ISO and AS management system requirements since 1998.  In addition to being regularly audited by our certification registrar, Det Norske Veritas, we perform frequent, in-house auditing of our processes, along with individual workstation reviews to assure that we maintain compliance with the strict requirements of these international standards, as well as our individual customer requirements.

In addition, our special processes undergo intense auditing by, and certification to Nadcap requirements. Danville Metal Stamping is Nadcap certified in the following areas:

Non-Destructive Testing

Radiographic Inspection

Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection

Welding Processes

Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Resistance Welding – Spot and Seam

Laser Welding

Chemical Processing

Acid Cleaning

Alkali Cleaning

Swab Etch

Passivation – ASTM A 380, AMS 2700, ASTM A 967

Nonconventional Machining

Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) – RAM, Wire, and Fast Hole

Electrochemical Grinding (ECG)

Laser Machining and Drilling

Materials Testing

Metallography / Microstructure

Alloy Depletion

Oxidation / Corrosion


Hardness Testing – Rockwell

Metallurgical Weld Evaluation – Fusion, Laser

Metallographic Thickness

Heat Treating