Commercial Aerospace

Aircraft / Aerospace has long been known as one the most exciting, diverse, and challenging industries to work in. DMS has been a highly-respected supplier in this field for over 65 years. Our reputation for quality manufacturing of complex assemblies is firmly established and respected among our peers.

We work with a wide variety of metals that include aluminum, nickel, and cobalt-based high temperature alloys in sheet stock, bars, castings, and forgings.

Our customer base includes: General Electric, Hamilton Sundstrand, Honda Aero, Honeywell, MTU Aero, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Williams International, and many more.

Listed below are a few of the many different components and assemblies we make for the aerospace industry:

• Combustion chambers
• Cooling Inserts / Baffles
• Transition assemblies
• Exhaust ducts
• Particle separators
• Stator assemblies
• Solid vanes
• Hollow vanes
• Compressor vane segments (all stages)
• Compressor housings
• Combustor cases
• Combustion liners
• Inlet housings
• Honeycomb seals