Heat Treating

Danville Metal formerly operated Thermo Techniques, a heat treating and brazing company which merged into Danville Metal as a processing department in 2017. The Thermal Processing Department specializes in furnace brazing with nickel, copper, and precious metal braze alloys. Heat treating services are performed in a vacuum and in hydrogen, and inert gas atmospheres. Typical heat-treating processes include stress relieving, normalizing, solution treating, precipitation age hardening, and tempering of exotic alloys. The expertise in the heat treating industry awaits your heat treating and brazing needs.

The Thermal Processing Department uses vacuum furnace systems to stress relieve stainless steel alloys and solution/age aluminum alloys. The system is equipped with a water quench tank to rapidly cool parts. Furnaces are calibrated, controlled, and monitored per the pyrometric requirements of AMS2750, and are equipped with technically advanced automated controls to achieve process uniformity, repeatability, and data collection. NADCAP and OEM Customer Approved.