Dedication to Quality & Service

First Article inspection is performed in accordance with AS 9102 and customer-specific requirements.

Many details, sub-assemblies, and assemblies receive inspection during various stages of processing in order to maintain consistent quality results.

We employ a variety of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) capabilities as well as standard inspection techniques, including surface plate layout (up to 72” x 96”), Rotab positioning (48” diameter), and high magnification inspection using our Optical Comparator’s 30” screen.

All parts undergo a Final Inspection prior to packaging and shipment, including a 100% visual inspection.

Complex assemblies are sent through our Perfection Review area for an even more thorough examination by customer-certified release agents to assure all requirements have been met, and that our customers receive the highest quality in the industry.

Danville Metal meets the highest quality levels required by the aerospace industry. It uses the finest tooling and inspection procedures to assure the utmost in quality control. Our in-house inspection capabilities include full metallurgical testing, fluorescent penetrant, and x-ray inspection.


Danville Metal is equipped with two airflow systems.  The larger of the two is used to inspect the effective flow area on combustors and other components which work in the hottest section of the engine, while the smaller system tests the flow rate of smaller cooling vanes.  Both are essential to the performance and safety of turbine engines.

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Microscopes:  25x – 1000x Binocular, with Clemex Captive Measurement Software for computer interface

Sample Preparation:  Cutoff Saws, Hot Mounting Press, Automatic Polisher

Hardness Testing:  Wilson Instruments Model 574

Airflow Inspection

Part Marking       

Dot Peen – Computer Controlled for various sizes and depths along with OCR, 2D, and UID Matrix

Laser – Computer controlled for various sizes and depths along with OCR, 2D, and UID Matrix.

Electro-chemical – OCR, 2D, and UID Matrix

Ink and Tag

Manual Vibropeen